Temporary Australians!

So have you watched the new motorcycle series yet?
Temporary Australians!

For those that might not have seen it yet, Temporary Australians is a new Australian motorcycle series presented by Brendan Jones and Greg Hirst, who are both long time motorcyclists. Beginning in early March, Temporary Australians is already proving to be popular with its lighthearted approach to motorcycling topics. It gives riders the opportunity to tell their story and focuses on the positive aspects of the lifestyle we all love to live. The show airs on community television channel TVS on Monday nights and is also broadcast on line on the TVS website.

So get amongst it and watch the new show Temporary Australians which is already up to its third episode. To see the TV Guide, check out the website at; www.temporaryaustralians.com.au

Greg Hirst also hosts a motorcycle radio program called Ride on 90.5FM in Sydney on Thursday nights from 10pm featuring interviews with well known motorcycling identities as well as up to date information and topics that directly involve us. So kick back and have a listen Thursday nights!